For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner helps you to sell your property yourself, and may suit some sellers.


Use this listing service along with a standard shoot photography package from Real Estate Pictures, and get the best of both worlds.

Please note that the FSBO only pay photographers up to $165 for 12 daytime shots, so the service you receive from the photographers THEY choose may be a very rushed and/or cut-down compromised service. It may not include the care, tools, and skills required that selling your property demands.


We recommend vendors take full control over the process and select their own photographer.

A Real Estate Pictures $250 (inc GST) daytime standard shoot includes:

  • Up to 25 shots
  • Elevated images included* FREE
  • CD copy for vendor
  • No sausage factory rush – a job done well

* Elevated shots can make sensational photos, but this is at our discretion.

Some Properties may not suit.

Elevated pole system may not be used immediately near power lines (minimum 3m clearance required), in the rain, or in very windy conditions.

Full Terms & Conditions here

Elevated Photos Video

Adam demonstrates how elevated photos can help your listing attract more offers.

Elevated photos are included at no extra charge with our standard shoot real estate photos in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Virtual Furniture Video

Pictures are worth 1,000 words.

In this video, Adam demonstrates virtual furniture, and how it can help add perceived value to your empty listing.

Virtual Furniture

We are pleased to announce, we are now offering a Virtual Furniture “VF” service.

Using your pictures, or ours, we can electronically stage your room to make them much more appealing.


Compared to staging a home with hired furniture (for possibly months), this is a cost-effective solution to attract buyers to your listing.

For more information and prices, check out Virtual Furniture service & pricing.

12 Million Australians watch online video a month

Back in October, 2012, Nielsen research discovered that almost 12 million Australians watched online video in the month of September, 2012.

“Online video consumption in Australia is booming…

…If the old advertising adage ‘the dollars follow the eyeballs’ is true, then this data will accelerate the investment in online video advertising.”


Don’t get left behind, and maximise your marketing exposure.

Real Estate Pictures offers affordable property videos starting with $150 video slide shows, through to professional full-motion videos, that cost less than 3 newspaper ads.

Free video with standard shoots

For a limited time only, Real Estate Pictures will provide a free* 2-3 minute property video, with every standard shoot during July.

We  believe video will be the next big thing in property marketing, and the time is now!



* conditions apply:

  • Property within 20 minute drive from Mt Ommaney base (modest travel surcharge applicable, if further)
  • One trip to property
  • Payment at time of shoot
  • Video hosted free 60 days, $10/month thereafter
  • Limits apply – Free offer may finish early


News Ltd: Shift from papers to on-line

Only days after Fairfax announce printing plant closures and significant job losses, News Ltd announce they are restructuring.

Like Fairfax, News Ltd’s hand has been forced by the rapidly declining profitability of print newspapers.

Print revenues have been savaged by the weak advertising market but also a shift of readers from print to online services.

Print advertising around the country is expected to plunge by 9 per cent this financial year from a year earlier.

Read more:

The days of the printed newspaper are coming to an end.

Real Estate agents need to seriously consider what value their vendors are honestly getting by advertising in old fashioned newspapers that have a dwindling readership.

From only $399, Real Estate Picture can provide a 2-3 property video that is on-line, and working 24/7 for you and your vendors.
Our videos can benefit from viral sharing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to further the exposure of both your listing and your agency.

Fairfax: Printing plants closing

Fairfax media closes down print presses

“the days of the huge printing plants built for our legacy print classified business are well and truly over.”

Read more:

A shift to online by audiences around the world has undermined traditional business models for many media companies, with newspaper firms particularly hard hit. Rival News Corp is expected to reveal job cuts of its own within days, with as many as 1000 positions in Australia expected to go.


This is a sign of the times, and reinforces why real estate agents need to seriously consider a stronger on-line presence, and get on board early.
Don’t get left behind, trailing your competition… it may be difficult to catch up.

Alternatively, you can be out in front, leading the pack.

A property video from Real Estate Pictures takes full advantage of on-line, and propels your marketing into the on-line.

Call Adam Maurer, 0427 362 799, for your property video.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Although there are many factors that will ultimately determine the success of a marketing campaign, we do guarantee the quality of our images.

If you are not satisfied, at no cost to you, we will either come out and re-shoot any images you are not satisfied with, or alter them digitally.

If you still remain unsatisfied, we will refund the full amount of your invoice.

There is absolutely no risk to you.

We are 100% sure you will like what we do for you, and look forward to a long and successful on-going business relationship.

Images – a powerful tool

Good photos lure buyers – poor photos turn buyers away.

Nielsen research reveals:
87% Australian property buyers head to the Internet to support their research & search process “.

The full article “How the internet is reshaping Australian Real Estate” is here.

More and more buyers make decisions based upon what they see on the internet, before they contact an agent.

The internet has enabled people to gather more information, and do more research without having to waste all those weekends driving all over the place.

The images of your home will directly influence a buyer’s decision whether to take the next step, and arrange an inspection… or move on to another listing that looks more appealing.   So, your listing must look good.

Professional photography and video is an investment in a successful marketing campaign, not an expense.

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