See how elevated photos can help your listing

Looking for that competitive edge?

Have a property with limited street appeal??


Elevated photography is the answer

You may be unfamiliar with it’s potential, or have been put off with higher charges elsewhere, but our elevated photography can offer an eye-catching perspective which adds value to your listing, and attracts more buyers.

By raising our camera, we can unlock and capture a fantastic perspective that really shows your property off, and it’s value-adding features.

  • Attract more buyers
  • Generates more enquiry for the agent
  • Help achieve the best selling price
  • Included FREE with our standard shoots – do not pay extra


So which images get your attention?

We thought so!


Elevated shots included* FREE with our standard shoots



Real estate is a numbers game.

The more buyers competing for the same property, the higher the offers.

Not rocket science.


Elevated shot limitations

No pole system can be raised immediately near power lines, and a safe distance ( > 4m) must always be maintained.

Being vehicle mounted, there must be suitable access, and parking available where shots are to be taken from.

No pole system can be raised in very strong winds

* At the photographers discretion.
Not all properties suit elevated photography.