General Information


Why use Real Estate Pictures?

  • Fast 24-hour turn around
  • Bright and vibrant photos
  • Easy to use on-line download system
  • Photos provided in different sizes (800×600 web & hi-res print)
  • Free digital enhancements
  • Blue sky replacements on dark cloudy days
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • cost effective video with Share your Real Estate Pictures property video with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube sharing for greater exposure


Do you follow REIQ Standards of Business Practice?

Yes.   Real Estate Pictures follows the REIQ standards, specifically;

Article 30, – Photographic Representation

Members must not alter or permit to be altered photographic images of properties, digitally or by other means, such that the images no longer truthfully and fairly represent that property. Lifestyle photographs should be identified as such.


Personal Service

The guy who takes the pictures also does the back-end processing.

We do not involve different people in the critical processing phase, as they would not have seen inside the place that was photographed.   Elsewhere, this is often out-sourced to re-touchers in India.   This is a seriously flawed work flow, as they cannot possibly know what the pictures should really look like.


Bright and accurate colours

We take pride in ensuring that our images are an accurate representation.
Accurate pictures makes you, and your listings, credible.

Beware of photographers that make the rooms look much larger than reality – this can really damage your credibility, as buyers inspecting will be severely disappointed they were tricked into thinking otherwise.


Digital Enhancements

Each image is individually enhanced using professional image editing software.

Dark overcast skies are replaced with blue/cloudy skys within reason, to keep the image realistic.


Available 7 days per week

Real Estate Pictures is available on weekends, so you can get your listing on-line fast!

No premium is charged for weekend work.
Sometimes, commercial properties are best shot on weekends, when parking is not an issue in busy environments.


How can I make my property look it’s best?

We want you to look your best, and have compiled a list of some helpful tips, so you can prepare for our photography shoot.

  Download Pre-photo shoot check list here


How and when do I get my images?

Images are enhanced and optimised, saved in various sizes to suit both web and print applications, and burnt to CD.

Images are available 24 hours later via our Client Download Centre.

This is an easy-to-use facility that doesn’t require registration or easily forgotten passwords.

You will receive an e-mail with thumbnail sheets, and the link to your image gallery.

Using your favorite web browser, you can view and download straight from our server onto your computer.

This gets you started ASAP, and avoids large e-mails clogging up your inbox.

A CD is posted, so you should receive it within three working days*.   Your tax invoice will be included with the CD, if not emailed prior.
The CD makes an ideal gift for the vendor as a keepsake.


What’s on the CD?

      • High resolution large JPG images suitable for print applications
      • Web-sized (typically 800×600) JPG images ~110kb, suitable for internet applications and e-mailing to clients
      • Thumbnail contact sheets


Do you watermark images?

We can watermark the low-res web versions, if you specifically request this before the shoot, or at the time of the shoot.

Be mindful though, if the vendor is paying for the photography, they may not be happy if the images are watermarked with your logo.


Any restrictions on using Real Estate Pictures supplied images?

No, you are free to use them where ever you choose, within the bounds of the licence granted, ie;

      • Real Estate agency website
      • 3rd party websites, eg;
      • Brochures & flyers
      • Print media
      • Office window slide shows
      • Any other forms of property marketing you choose to employ


Where does Real Estate Pictures operate?

We primarily cover Brisbane metropolitan and Ipswich areas, and will travel for up 30 minutes each way.

If it takes longer than 30 minutes to get there – sorry you are a bit far away, unless a travel surcharge is arranged.

To keep our costs and prices down, we do not waste time stuck in peak hour traffic, and keep civilised hours.

Special “local rates” may apply to suburbs close to our office – please enquire if you are an agency close by with volume listings.


What are the payment options?

      • Cash
      • Direct Debit


Agency pays:

Payment due within strictly 14 days, or you can pay at the time of the photo shoot.

Vendor pays:

Payment at the time of photography or Direct Debit same day.
Pictures become available once payment is confirmed.


* subject to Australia Post delivery standards