Property video is the modern and exciting way to engage potential buyers.

3 Billion videos watched on YouTube every day

Successful enterprises recognise internet video has a powerful marketing tool, and real estate is no different.

Statistic: Listings with video can attract 5 times the amount of enquiry.
Why spend $600 running a small 1-unit ad buried somewhere in a local newspaper, when you can spend less, and have massive audience reach 24/7.



Video Options

We provide two different options.

  • Video Slide show
  • Full-motion video


Video Slide Show

Slide show videos suit low budgets.

We use the high-resolution versions of the photos we take and create a 30-60 second video that has tasteful background music, and if you provide talking points, a voice over.

Be aware that because the same still photographs are used, the only new information that can be introduced is by a voice over.


Full Motion Video

These are the real thing.

Full motion video introduces a whole new level of emotion and desire with buyers.

2-3 minutes, tasteful background music, and if you provide talking points, a voice over (in-house or professional V/O artist at extra cost).


What’s so good about our real estate video?

  • Great value for money – don’t spend $1,200+ on a 2 minute video elsewhere
  • Better bang for your buck than old fashioned newspaper advertising
  • Hosting with instant sharing via Facebook, and Twitter
  • Video uploaded to YouTube for further sharing/embedding capabilities


Video offers you a competitive edge.

Potential buyers love them – they can have a good look around, and obtain a better feel for the property, over and above what still photos offer.

Agents love them – video is effectively the first inspection.

Agents can devote more time dealing with interested and qualified buyers, rather than unsuitable prospects.



We upload your video to YouTube.

This increases your potential audience reach even further, and your YouTube video can be instantly shared:
YouTube Share

On Australia’s #1 property site, you simply cut ‘n paste the Youtube URL we provide you into your listing details, so that the appropriate Video button appears on your listing.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Agents on-camera

Agents can appear on-camera, preferably doing just “top & tails”.

Top & tails is term used where a presenter does an on-camera intro at the beginning of a video, and a wrap up and the tail end of the video.

This offers the agent a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their local knowledge, and ability to market a property.
In turn, this can attract more potential sellers to this agent.

A voice over script should be supplied 24 hours prior to the shoot.
Writing a script is easier than you might think.

An agent writes a description for the internet listing anyway, so this becomes the basis of the video script.
Don’t worry if you are new to this, as our experienced video producer can add the polish.

With Real Estate Picture, this is a simple, yet rewarding, process that will increase your marketing profile.