Information for home owners

When selling a home, professional photography is often treated as an optional add-on, and regarded as an unwanted expense.

It’s not really an expense, but an investment in a successful marketing campaign.

Overall, professional photography is only a small proportion of the costs, but the entire campaign revolves around the pictures.

All your other costs will be the same, so it’s a false economy basing an entire campaign around DIY or poor quality images.


Relative marketing costs on $500,000 property

Your agent is working working hard for you

But it becomes very difficult to get top dollar if your property is not being presented at it’s very best.

Real estate is a simple numbers game.

The more people interested = more offers = higher selling price.
If, on the other hand, you only have one lonely offer, then you have to take it, or leave it.

Listen to your agent.
If they suggest you spend a relatively small amount on professional photography, it’s because they know how effective this is.


Why Real Estate Picture?

At Real Estate Pictures, we specialise in real estate photography and video… which is why we are called Real Estate Pictures!

Real Estate requires specialist equipment and knowledge to photograph in a variety of situations, such as in confined areas, across multiple “spaces” that each require careful and balanced “flash” lighting, and shots captured from an elevated perspective.

Above all, it needs to be an accurate representation, whilst making it look great.

We have the experience and expertise to showcase your home.

Have a browse through our portfolio for samples of our work.

Your home will look bright and appealing, and show off features and lifestyle.
Naturally, this attracts more buyers.

Buyers are becoming increasingly fussy, and what they want for their money.
If the photos fail to show it well, they will simply click on to other listings.

Still think not investing in professional photos is a wise idea?


Pre photo shoot check list

To help you prepare your home for our photo shoot, we have prepared a handy pre-photo shoot check list.

This is a simple and easy way to make sure everything is ready for your photo shoot.