Sample Video slide shows

Using still photographs, a video slide show is a low cost alternative to true full-motion video.



Video is engaging

Video gives potential buyers a much better feel for your property, over and above what still photographs can achieve.
Whilst people may not read a property description, they will happily watch, listen and be engaged by a video.

Using YouTube as the video host permits sharing via Facebook, Twitter and other channels, which creates further exposure for you and your listings.


YouTube Share





Newspapers vs Video

Consider this:
Three tiny 1-unit ads in a local newspaper (limited coverage) costs around $600

3 minute full-motion videos, on-line (24/7 global reach), are a once-only $399.
Video slide shows are a once-only $150.
Not only are the video options a cheaper once-only cost, they can also reach out of town buyers and investors, unlike printed newspapers.

Learn why print media is a thing of the past:

With all the competition, can you afford not to use video marketing? Learn more…