Virtual Furniture (VF)

When comparing properties on the internet, an empty home isn’t that exciting to look at.

“Staging” with hired furniture can be very expensive, and you can never be sure how long you will need to hire for.
You could end up spending a lot more than originally planned.

We can help you solve this problem using 3D digital compositing, no matter if you are in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, or anywhere in Australia.

Virtual Furniture is a cost effective alternative where we add modern furniture to create a sense of dimension and add perceived value.

Rooms now look more appealing to potential buyers.


VF examples – Bedroom

Bed, lamps, and hanging pictures are inserted. Note realistic reflection in the BIR door mirrors.




VF example – Family Room

Sofa, coffee table, rug, TV, entertainment unit, bookcase, hanging picture have all been inserted.
And notice the bed in the far bedroom.




VF examples – Meals Area




You wouldn’t VF each room, but pick three or four key areas.   We suggest:

  • Family Room
  • A bedroom (most visually appealing, not necessarily the master)
  • Dining/Meals
  • Living Room

1 or 2 images only $65 (inc GST) each

3+ images only $60 (inc GST) each

• 36- 48 hour turn-around

• Don’t risk loosing a potential buyer with empty and uninspiring photos

• VF images work for you 24/7 online and can be used for as long as it takes

• No expensive $$$$ on-going furniture hire costs.



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